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Motorhomes of Texas is located in Nacogdoches, Texas and specializes in the parts, service, and sales of luxury pre-owned motorcoaches. We are proud to introduce our new line of luxury motorcoaches from Born Free built one by one, not on an assembly line. The Born Free Reign line boast in being built from its foundation on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter Chassis, for even more luxury. These coaches have all the features found in a Class A motorhome, just on a smaller scale. Motorhomes of Texas, founded in 2003, has since developed into a successful, luxury motorhome dealership where serving every customer is our number one priority. We have recently expanded our facilities to incorporate a remodel center and more service and delivery bays.  We hope this will help provide our customers with more efficient appointments. 



Texas-born owner, David Robertson attended high school in Spring before turning to Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches for his B.B.A. in Communications and Business Marketing. On his own financially, David paid his way through college by starting his own landscaping company which would eventually be the first stepping stone in his path to a great career. It was while he was continuing his education towards an M.B.A. and working hard on his landscaping business that he met a great customer, Phil Cornelius, who would forever change David’s life. Phil shared with David his career as a salesman for Foretravel, and the wonderful experience of selling high-end luxury motorhomes. David was so impressed that he decided to change careers to become a colleague of Phil’s at Foretravel of Texas. A seed had been planted that would later bloom into Motorhomes of Texas, a dealership of the highest caliber.

David started his motorhome career in 1993 with Foretravel, working as one of their top salesmen for nine out of ten years. David consistently ranked number one in the country in sales. At Foretravel, his experiences introduced him to high-end luxury motorcoaches, how to build an incredible customer base and the importance of strong customer relationships. In 2003, Foretravel elected to seek out independent dealerships, which prompted David to turn to Ray Fore himself for his blessing in opening up his own dealership just down the road. With this fated turn of events, David sought his vision of owning a motorhome dealership that incorporated his business philosophy of service, trust, loyalty and a commitment to the customer. 



Motorhomes of Texas was built on a set of core values and a commitment to the customer. At MOT, the customer is not just another face, but rather they become included into a family. MOT prides itself on the relationships that are built with motorhome owners who rely on us for quality service. Here at MOT, providing the best quality service and professional sales to our customers is the dedicated force behind our tagline that "Service is not a passion, It's an obsession."



MOT is a dealership that sells pre-owned luxury motorcoaches directly to the customer and upholds a desire to fulfill the customer’s individual wants and needs. MOT has also started selling new Born Free motorcoaches to offer customers the option of a luxurious motorcoach in a smaller package.  In order to ensure such great customer service, MOT employs an understanding and highly-experienced staff that is just waiting to serve in any manner required by the customer. From technical support to customer service, MOT’s staff is available when it is needed.



Our staff of employees uniquely offers over 300 combined years of service and experience geared towards motorhomes. Our staff is highly-trained and knowledgeable and specializes in working with each individual customer in order to provide a more customized service to that person. The fact that MOT has become a prestigious symbol nation-wide, drawing customers from all corners of the U.S. and Canada, is a testament to our performance in luxury pre-owned sales, service and parts. We hope to expand this to our new Born Free line as well. The deep well of knowledge, trust, skill, and experience that our staff has to offer speaks volumes about our commitment to our family of motorhome owners.


Mission Statement

At Motorhomes of Texas, our number one priority is to create deep, life-long relationships with our customers. We aim to earn the respect and trust of every individual who comes through our doors by providing them with excellent service, loyalty and integrity. Our goal is to welcome all customers into our family at Motorhomes of Texas by providing superior customer service in sales, service and parts.

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